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To many of us this is not a familiar topic to talk about as we have come across it either through reading or even experiencing it physically.

Dorine is one of the victims and it is not an easy task to grow up searching for questions with no answers, since no one is there to give hers helping hand, not even comfort her childhood.

Since childhood, up to now, she grown up in negative fact ,  which she has never ever uttered the word parents’ or even had someone to call so. she did n’t  known  how it feels for one to be held in the parent’s care

Her parents passed ways when she was a week’s old, the thing which changed hers life from heaven to hell “sincerely after that entire terrible situation hence was taken in by her grandparents. They took great care of her, but fact had  ever appeared in normal life. The day she got into contact with hers parent they had lying dead in the coffin; they could not set eyes on hers face, not even utter a word to her.

By then, she was 7 years of age, she found under uncle care after hers grandparents contact death in couple of years passed, the fact was terrible in her uncle house she was mistreated very badly where she work even over night  thing which it was virtually impossible to have good education and proud of hers childhood.

She do not know what to say about the situation, where she found hers self in a street life all along, spending night in the street, the situation which may expose her in contagious diseases, she dint even able to observe healthy regulation after involved in a drug, cause no one to turn for her needs and most probably the basic needs and parental care which is vital as without the parents no one to tell them what is right from what is wrong.

Day after day in a street she even never heard what happened to hers parents. she was trying to find what killed hers parent after  she asked  hers relatives once in awhile no one care or even bother ,one day she tried to share her problems with  one lady who encourage her maybe she can searched hers  parent death statement  at one the town hospital, where she found  hers parent died by H.I.V AIDS she feel loneliness’ and she always  thinking how big problems  she going through all time she decide to commit suicide, cause she unlike to share hers problem with others .but before she do that she decide to call final advice, advices which help hers in life how she can changed her  She trying to asked government to care street urchin which dying with strangers promises which never fulfilled.


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